Are you interested in starting photography?


Are you interested in taking up photography? I must warn you it can become addictive! There are so many ways to use your photos today. Whether it’s just for fun on Facebook or Instagram or you really enjoy it and want to improve your skills.

Just like anything that you want to get good at you need to follow the old adage of practice, practice, practice. I once heard a quote from someone that said, “The first 10,000 pictures are the hardest”. The point is after awhile you will see what you are drawn to and what you seem to be the best at. Just keep at it! The more pictures you take the more you will understand the kind of photos that you really enjoy shooting the most. When I first started out I didn’t know what I enjoyed. I took a picture of everything that caught my eye. There were portraits, children and families, there were flowers, landscapes, seascapes, close-ups and still-lifes. After awhile I began to gravitate toward landscapes. I loved the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. But then I wanted to move on the something else so I began to explores new places and things to shoot.

When went to Florida as we quite often did because we had a small doublewide mobile home that we rented out in the winter and went down their mostly in the Spring and Fall. I really miss it now and sorry we sold it.  It was there that I began my love affair with birds. They have a wonderful wildlife refuge on beautiful Sanibel Island. There were so many unusual and exotic birds that I had never seen before. The nicest part is that they were used to people staring at them that they didn’t fly away as birds in nature usually do. I was able to take photograph after photograph of them. Sometimes I even hoped that they would fly away so I could  catch them in flight. Well maybe I have inspired you to get out your camera and just take some pictures or begin a whole new hobby.


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