PHOTO TIP- Rule of Thirds

When starting out in photography a common mistake people often make is that after they find a subject they place it in the center of the picture. This is usually not the most pleasing composition. In photography their is a golden rule of sorts called the “rule of thirds”. I frequently use this in my photography which you can view here. Try to imagine if you will putting two vertical and two horizontal lines across a picture like a tic-tac-toe pattern. If you placed the subject at any of the four intersecting lines much of the time it would be a much more attractive image.

You can sometimes apply this grid to your camera in the menu. Some smartphones also have this available option. On the iPhone iOS 7 for instance simply go to settings>photos & camera and scroll down to Grid and turn it on.
Below is an image that I took from Wikipedia to visualize this better. Click on the link below see it with the grid applied.




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