First Day of Fall

What a beautiful time of the year. The beautiful colors of fall inspire even novices to get out their cameras -whether it’s a smartphone, iPad, or a fancier DSLR to start snapping the various colors of fall all around them. Get out and about and be inspired by Creations varied palette.

This is also a first for me as I begin a blog. I will be sharing random stories of my journey with photography and the vacation spots that it has lead me to-I should say we as my protective husband traipses around with me. He doesn’t like me to go out on a shoot by myself with my expensive gear in tow. For some reason when I have my tripod and camera set up and am shooting it seems to invite complete strangers to stop and start a conversation. I have been high on a skybridge in Florida before sunrise and I’m engaged talking to anyone from another photographer to “joeblow” who is on vacation and out for an early morning walk. (Sometimes it is rather frustrating as I’m thinking I didn’t leave my nice comfortable bed, drag all of this equipment out here to talk. I want to look around, get ideas of the best places to stand, concentrate on the light, my camera settings, and take pictures). But on the other hand I’ve met some amazing, friendly, informative, interesting people.

I will also post photo tips from time to time with various things I have learned along the way.


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